Orchard Rock Case Analysis

Case Management Reporting

Simply the fastest and easiest way to get to your data:

Any SQL Server database
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Reports
Fully Supported
Use Favourite Browser
No Client Installs
Dynamically Generated Interface
Built-in User Security

ORCA Reports


Orchard Rock Case Analysis (ORCA)

ORCA is a simple to use reporting facility that can be accessed from within your case management system or from a desktop shortcut. It’s very lightweight and is very quick to install. Whilst it is has a browser based interface it is actually intranet based so sits within your secure network. 


Designed with Case Management Systems in mind, ORCA automatically organises reports between practice, entity and matter level. 

Reports can be created in just a matter of minutes with no complicated new interfaces to learn. Elements from existing reports such as custom filters can be copied and pasted. 

As soon a new report is dropped into the relevant folder it will be immediately available in the dynamically generated reports menu.

Users can easily be grouped into teams. Reports can be restricted to users and/or teams ensuring that only relevant reports can be viewed.

One click to export the results into Excel.

ORCA is simply the fastest and cheapest way to get important stats to your users. 

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