The fast road to legal workflows

Smartflow for P4W

A completely new approach to building custom legal workflows. 

Building professional workflows has never been easier or faster

Design workflows in minutes
Access anywhere with internet
Can design in Excel
Absolutely no coding required

What is a Smartflow?

A Smartflow can be defined as a group of key items (letters, documents, fees, data fields) that are specific to a segment of a larger overall action or milestone.

One Smartflow screen is created giving the user access to everything they need to complete the given milestone in one place.

Users are guided to follow best practice pathways but each Smartflow offers flexible alternatives if required, creating the perfect case flow for users of all levels of experience. 

Rapid Development

Design in Excel for speed and convenience. Only names of the letters involved are required which are available lookups, the rest is up to your imagination. Simply complete the columns with desired schedule names and timings and Smarflow does the rest. Once complete, import the spreadsheet and the design is instantly available in Partner. 

Many teams and departments can design and maintain the system this way simultaneously. 

Precedent Letters and Documents

Simply list documents and letters relevant to a particular Smartflow.  These will be available to the user each time a step within the Smartflow is actioned giving the user full control over the process.

Next actions are automatically scheduled based on the documents selected.

Workflows Steps and Actions

Next actions can be pre-defined but also adjusted real-time. Users can change the name and timings of scheduled items before they are inserted into the agenda.

Data Capture Screens

Data items displayed within a Smartflow can also be updated real-time.

Each Smartflow can display data items from up to 6 Managing Partner Views. Simply list the views to display and let Smartflow do the rest.

Fees and Disbursements

Relevant fees and disbursements can be listed in each Smartflow.

Users can add them to a matter with just a couple of clicks.

A full listing of fees and disbursements is also available on the Fees tab for ease of access.

Document Tracking and Client Care Packs

Track document bundles such as Client Care Packs or Contract Packs.  

Monitor the progress of all items to be completed and returned from the client or another party.  

Creating document bundles is part of the core functionality of Smartflow so can be achieved in a few minutes. Each Smartflow can be activated to track the bundle at the flick of a switch and Smartflow will do the rest.

Introducing Smartflow




GadjIT is the web-based tool that allows you to view Smartflows from anywhere with an internet connection, including your mobile device.

Design and Build

  • Design in Excel
  • Upload Excel Direct Into GadjIT
  • Export to Excel for Changes
  • Sort and Group Smartflows
  • Changes Instantly Available in P4W


  • View on Laptop, Tablet or Phone
  • Export Setup for Amendments
  • Compare Updates to Live
  • Synchronise In Seconds


  • Backups Automatically
  • Manual Backups Available
  • Restore from Backups
  • Download Backups
  • Restrict User Access

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