Residential Property Workflow

Case Management Solutions

All our workflows are legally compliant and are designed to:

increase efficiency
reduce click counts
support team cohesion
protect profit
improve accuracy
promote consistency
enhance user experience
reduce risk



Precedent Letters and Documents

Over 200 legally compliant letters in MS Word.

A suite of standard Oyez forms (we can also supply in Laserforms if required).

All of our letters and documents are pre-coded to pull through relevant contact details as well as any other relevant information stored in the database.

Milestones and Chapters

All aspects of a Residential workflow are available including: -

- Case Inception

- Initial Welcome Call

- Care Document Management and Tracking

- Property Searches and Report

- Contract Document Management and Tracking

- Mortgage Report

- Title Review

- Title Report

- Pre-Exchange Checks

- Exchange

- Pre-Completion Checks

- Completion

- Post-Completion 

Financial Management

Other management facilities included are: -

- Money on Account

- Mortgage Advance

- Third Party Funds and Deposit

- Fees and Disbursements

- SDLT Calculator

- Chattels

- Apportionments

- Automated Draft and Final Completion Statements

Workflows Steps and Actions

Over 220 P4W workflow steps ensuring matters move smoothly from inception through to post completion.  Where appropriate, and in the majority of cases, steps have been smartly designed to always insert a new step into the agenda therefore ensuring matters don’t disappear into a ‘black hole’ and off the case worker’s radar. 

Data Capture Screens

Over 60 intuitive screens to guide and prompt the user as well as capture crucial data. Intelligent design has been utilised within all of our screens in order to assist in breeding user familiarity, clarity and consistency throughout the template.